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How can I sign up? I never received the E-mail to activate my account!

If you did not receive the email, check your spam/junk folder. If you can’t find it there either, it is most likely that your E-mail provider blocked it outright.

Either try using a different E-mail address, or reach out to us so we can help you activate your account.

Users in France are more likely to run into this problem

In in France, several E-mail provider share the same filtering:


They are all known to cause issues with deliveries.

Why do I need to create an account to download a made-to-measure pattern?

For practical reasons. To generate made-to-measure sewing patterns, we need your measurements.

Asking for them every time would be rather tedious, so we need to store this information. And your account is where we do that.

Without a way to store your measurements, generating made-to-measure patterns would be hopelessly inpractical.

Are you asking because you don’t trust us?

This question often hints at an underlying distrust towards creating an account. As such, the following questions and answers may also be relevant:

I know my size, but your pattern doesn’t fit me

The standard sizes we offer are there to allow you to discover our platform without the need to create an account. We advice against using them as-is.

Drafting made-to-measure sewing patterns really is our thing. If you insist on getting a pattern in a standard size, FreeSewing is not for you.

Thankfully, Fiona curates a list of indie pattern designers , so you have plenty of alternatives.

What are you doing with my personal data?

How we handle your personal data is documented in our privacy notice.

Who pays for all of this?

The FreeSewing project is supported financially by our patrons.

Patrons are regular users like you who agreed to make a small monthly contribution to keep freesewing going.

Join the Freesewing Patrons

You can be a patron for as little as 2 euro per month. So why not become a patron too?

Can I use FreeSewing patterns for commercial purposes?

Yes you can. Open Source is a development model, not a business model.

If our work can help you put food on the table, by all means go ahead.

What’s your end game?

We would like to become the WikiPedia of sewing patterns.

We are not interested in fashion, trends, or publishing the hot new pattern of the season. Instead, we want to empower makers by distilling the knowledge of the sewing community into patterns and documentation and make that information globally available.